8 Cool Ways to Style Sneakers With a Dress or Skirt


Sneakers are definitely fun to wear, but let’s face it, sometimes they don’t match every fashion trend. However, there are ways to wear sneakers and still look super chic. Yes we know that sexy high heels can take your style to the next level look and event boost a woman’s self-confidence, but they can get super uncomfortable after some time and might cause your feet to ache!

So here are some tips on how you can wear sneakers, but still look cute in a dress! Believe it or not, these shoes can be suitable for all sorts of fashion trends, dresses, and skirts. Here are 8 different ways sneakers can be worn with a dress or skirt:

1. Match funky colors with an all black dress – Funky colored sneakers take fashion to another height. In fact, they can be so funky or abstract that you don’t know when to wear them. Well, we suggest pairing these type of shoes with an all black dress. They will definitely catch the attention of everyone while still looking good because you’ve paired it with something neutral.

2. Skechers or Ked style shoes with Chiffon dresses – We’ve all seen this look before. This was known as the Taylor Swift look before she decided to “Shake it Off”. As an official spokesperson for Keds, she would often wear these shoes that look like a cross between ballet flats and sneakers. To pull of this look, simply jump into any light colored chiffon dress, pair it with a super trendy purse, and wear your favorite pair of Keds or Skechers.

beautiful girl in a white dress at the mall.

3. Wear white – It is never out of fashion to wear white. In fact, one of the best reasons to wear white is that it goes with anything. The same goes for your sneakers. If you want to play it safe or if you’re new to the whole wearing sneakers with dresses thing, choose white ones. Wear any color dress or skirt along with your hot shades and you’ll slay!

4. Wear visible socks with it – Sneakers with socks are a great replacement for long boots. Black sneakers along with black socks are a perfect match for any of your dress. They give you a trendy look especially when worn on midi skirts. This trend is followed by many fashion icons including Kristen Stewart and Kylie Jenner. It gives you a good mix of girly and funky look that will attract the right attention any time.


5. Pastels with Neutral Dresses – Pastel colored sneakers are a perfect match with black, neutral, and grey dresses or skirts. It prevents you from looking over the top or being too but it gives you a chance to express your personality more by still incorporating color into your look.  


6. Couture – One of the easiest way to match sneakers with a couture dress is to wear couture sneakers. Let’s face it, the fashion world can be quite wacky at times, therefore putting 2 couture things together seem to always work no matter how they each look. In case you’ve forgotten, couture represents high fashion. In this case, it could be sneakers designed by renowned brands like Dior and Chanel which are super trendy and hot on their own. Pair them with a couture dress and you’re golden!


7. Golden Sneakers – Gold is an amazing party color and golden sneakers are perfect for parties. Wear gold sneakers with a party dress, and you’ll look amazing. In fact, people will likely ask you where you got your shoes from. Pair them up a belt of your choice to match your dress or skirt and you’ll slay!


8. Sneakers with long skirts and matching accessories – One way to get away with wearing a loud sneaker with a skirt or dress to to wear a equally loud matching purse along with it. The reason we recommend a long dress is because if you wear something short, you’ll look completely over the top as someone who is not only wearing incredibly loud colors, but also showing a lot of skin. Pairing your shoes with a long dress or long skirt will slightly neutralize the loud colors (as long as you don’t choose as dress that is incredibly loud or busy too, haha).

That’s it for list! We hope you’ll take at least one of these 8 ways to wear a sneaker with a dress, and use it for your next outing! Happy sneakering!


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