Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glindr?

Glindr is a hub for Beauty, Fashion, Decor, Fitness, Food, and Lifestyle Bloggers or Influencers to connect with new audiences through sharing their content and connect with brands through joining the Influencer Directory. It’s also an avenue for fans to find insightful tips, reviews, articles and learn about up and coming bloggers.

Do I need any special software or equipment to use it?

No, you do not need any special equipment or software to use the site. However, you may want to make sure that you have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer.

Do I need to register to use Glindr and what are the benefits of creating an account?

No, you don’t need to register, however, creating a user account allows you to fully enjoy all aspects of Glindr. You’ll have unlimited access to all content and user profiles. You’ll be able to leave comments, and even save content. If you don’t create an account, you won’t be able to save your favorite articles to reference or read later. Oh, and you’ll also miss out on all of our monthly giveaways and promotions!

As an Influencer, what are the benefits of joining the Influencer Directory?

The biggest benefit of joining the Influencer Directory is the opportunity for more brands and advertisers to find you. For a full list of benefits, visit HERE.

As an Advertiser, what are the benefits of joining the Influencer Directory?

That’s easy! Searching for Influencer information online without a platform like Glindr can take weeks (or months!), and joining more complex advertiser platforms come with heavy costs. Joining the Influencer Directory as an Advertiser simply saves you both time and money! For additional benefits, visit HERE.

Does it cost money to register?

Nope, enjoying the amazing content from the Influencers is free! Joining the Glindr Influencer Directory as Influencer is free as well, but we do offer additional perks for a small fee. Our advertiser package is a separate charge. Please visit HERE for details.

Who can see my saved articles?

All user profiles are set to public by default as a means to allow friends to see what great taste you have in content, but you do have the option to set your profile to private.

Who can see the Influencer Directory?

Only Influencers and Advertisers can see the main Influencer Directory page.

Who can see the contact information of Influencers in the Influencer Directory?

Only Advertisers can see the Influencer contact information on an Influencer Page listing.

How do I report spam in comments?

There is a spam button located on very comment. If you would like to report spam, please press this button and Glindr staff will review it shortly.

I’m a blogger, how to I have my content shared on Glindr?

Glindr encourages bloggers to join our blogger community, however, to ensure the highest quality content for our readers, all bloggers must be approved before their content can be  regularly syndicated to Glindr. Please view our Blogger Specifications to learn how to share your content on Glindr.

As a blogger, what are the benefits of syndicating my content Glindr?

The benefits are huge for bloggers who share their content on Glindr. You’ll be able to expose your articles to our large user database, and thus grow your brand, followers, and fans. We often feature Bloggers on our social media and in our emails as well, an added bonus to having your blog be a part of the Glindr community.

I’m a blogger and I already have a lot of social media accounts, what makes glindr different from other post sharing platforms?

The number one reason that glindr is different from other platforms is the ease of use. Once you install the custom plugin on your blog, all you have to do is tick off two boxes when you publish a post, and BOOM, your post is already on glindr! That’s right, there are no extra steps, and no need to create special or separate text to share it on glindr. This makes it a lot easier to use than other platforms.

I’m a blogger already on glindr, and I noticed that the image on my post on the home page is not the one I chose, how come this has happened?

From time to time, glindr will experience technical errors that will cause us to have to manually place a picture on your post. In cases like this, we use our best judgement to choose the picture. Please contact us if the picture we’ve chosen is not to your satisfaction.

What is the difference between syndicating my content on Glindr and joining the Influencer Directory?

Sharing your on glindr is about building your relationship with fans and introducing your content to new people. Joining the Influencer Directory is a good way to connect with brands and small businesses looking for Influencers to promote their products.

If your question has not been answered here, please send your question to and we will respond shortly.