5 Simple Ways to Instantly Improve the Look of Your Skin


A lot of people seem to forget that makeup is actually only meant to enhance one’s look. People think they can use makeup to cover up anything. However, makeup can only help to some extent. This health of your skin can actually make more a difference than makeup can! On top of that, applying make-up years of practice to get the “flawless” look. The rest of it depends on your skin health.

If you feel like your skin is not smooth enough, or if you have a hard time concealing those pimples, or even if you feel like you’re aging, here are five useful tips to improve your skin:

Don’t forget to Use Sunscreen when going out:

Going out to the beach for a tan is definitely a fun thing to do but make sure that you don’t expose your skin to direct sunlight. It may give you a tan, but it is not suitable in the long run. Not only does it give you bumps and leave it dry, but you also age a lot quicker. You may not notice it at that time but it will start to show in the long run.

Remove your makeup properly right after you get back home:

No matter how small or big amount of makeup you apply, it should be mandatory to wash it off right after you get home and are ready to change in your pajamas. Remember, if you keep your makeup on for too long, it may clog your pores which can cause an acne outburst, or decrease the look of smoothness as your pores get clogged. So no matter how late you get home, or how tired you are, you should wash it off if you want good skin.

Drink lots of Water:

Every dermatologist will tell you to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated. When it is too dry, it causes small dry pimples on your face that don’t hurt but make your skin look very rough. On the other hand, hydrated skin develops a glow on the face over time. You can start by reminding yourself to drink water every one hour and within a week you will have developed the habit.

Avoid Smoking:

It’s quite commonly known that smoking is harmful to one’s health, but there is actually a lot more to it. Smoking also destroys the appearance of not just your face, but your whole body. You will find more wrinkles at a younger age than those who don’t smoke. On a side note, your teeth get stained faster, and so your overall face start to lack that “fresh” look.

Keep your skin Moisturized:

Remember, some soaps and cleansers can be quite harsh on your skin. Specifically, if you wash your face, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer to relax your skin as well as relieve dryness. You may find the use of cosmetic products harsh, but using moisturizer as a treatment will neutralize the harsh effects.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you can also try consulting a professional to find out what is lacking in your regimen so that you can be given direct steps that are catered to your skin type.

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