What is Glindr?

Glindr is an innovative hub that connects Influencers in the Fashion, Beauty, Decor, and Food industries to both BRANDS and FANS. Influencers can join our Influencer Search Directory that Brands use to discover Influencers to work with, and they can also share their latest content or blog posts with excited audiences looking for insightful content to read. Whether it be the latest Fashion trends, tips on how to shape your eyebrows, or even DIY tricks to decorate your bedroom, Glindr has it all. Our innovative features make it easy for users and brands to experience the value of this hub easily.

Glindr was founded in the summer of 2015 as a means to bridge the gap between up-and-coming Influencers and audiences. Our mission is to not only help Influencers find new audiences and brands for their content, but also help audiences and brands discover new and innovative content creators. The best part? It’s free for Influencers and users to join. Brands and businesses can enjoy premium perks for a small fee.

How does Glindr work?


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